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Indirect Domestic Hot Water

Triangle Tube - Smart Series Stainless Steel Indirect Fired Water Heaters

Indirect Hot Water Toronto
  • Exclusive “Tank-in-Tank” Technology
  • Abundant Domestic Hot Water at the Lowest Possible Cost
  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 2“ of Polyurethane Foam Insulation
  • Self Cleaning/Self Descaling Heat Exchanger
  • Lowest Pressure Drop in the Industry
  • 8 Sizes to Choose From
Energy Efficiency
The Stainless Steel Indirect Fired Water Heater is heated by the hot water from your boiler. As your home is being heated, your domestic hot water is being heated at the same time, thereby, consuming less fuel and conserving energy. Combine this with a recovery rate that is up to three time faster than conventional gas or electric water heaters, and The SMART Series Indirect Fired Water Heater heats more hot water with less fuel for the energy conscious consumer.

Superior Heat Exchanger Surface Area
The domestic storage tank is constructed of stainless steel and is surrounded by boiler water in the outer tank, resulting in a full "wrap around" heat exchanger.
It's superior heat exchange surface (typically 1.5 to 2.5 times larger than a traditional coil) produces a larger volume of hot water in a short period of time. Thanks to this fast recovery, the storage capacity can be reduced, resulting in a reduced thermal loss.

Stainless Steel Tank Construction
The inner domestic storage tank is constructed of durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Indirect Hot Water Toronto Optimal Insulation
SMART Series, is insulated with 2" of injected polyurethane foam, resulting in a stand by heat loss of less than 1º/Hr.

Self Cleaning / Self-descaling
The inner, domestic tank is suspended within the outer tank so it is free to expand and contract as the pressure varies during hot water draws. Moreover, its corrugations amplify the movement and prevents the lime build up on the heat exchanger; thus maintaining its performance during the SMART Series life span.

Anti-Bacteria Growth / Maintenance Free
The "Tank-in-Tank" design allows us to store domestic water at higher temperatures preventing bacteria growth. Additionally, contructed of high quality stainless steel, SMART Series does not require a protective anode.

NTI Trin & Stor S-series Stainless Steel Indirect Water Heaters

NTI Trin & Stor S-series Stainless Steel Indirect Water Heater Toronto
  • Endless amounts of hot water
  • Available in a wide range of sizes S40, S50, S80 and S120 (40 to 120 US Gallon)
  • Stainless steel lined indirect tanks for your domestic hot water needs.
  • S Models are built with 100% high-quality stainless steel to provide years of
  • uncompromising performance.
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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