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radiant floor heating


Heating and radiators

A) Cast iron free standing
B) Cast iron baseboard
C) Copper fin baseboard
D) Stel Rads
E) Runtel Rads

There are other types of radiators but these 5 are our main choices:

Radaint Floor Heating Toronto Cast Iron Freestanding Radiators
Found predominantly in older homes, these rads are usually larger in size then most other radiators types, they hold a good amount of water at all times and heat quite well. It is very difficult to purchase brand new freestanding cast iron radiators. In most cases we recommend to use re-conditioned or used cast iron free standing radiators.

Cast Iron Baseboard Radiators
These rads are usually about 12" in height and can be attached section by section to accommodate the length and BTU output required. They are fully compatible with the freestanding cast iron rads. A favourite use of these rads is to provide room perimeter heating and due to its 12" height, cast iron baseboard rads fit well under windows and certain area’s where there is limited height or space.

Copper Fin Radiators
Copper fin radiators is a cheaper form of radiation, due to the fact that it is made up of copper pipe and aluminium fins and is usually encased in a cosmetic casing.

If your home is heated with copper fin rads we recommend that if you are adding more radiators to your existing system that they also should be copper fin, for the main reason that copper rads require a hotter supply water temperature then most other forms of radiation and by mixing radiation types you very well could cause your heating system to get out of proper heat balance. One way you can successfully mix different types of radiation would be to zone off your areas that have different forms of radiation or hydronic heating. This will allow each zone to heat independently until the zone has been satisfied while ensuring that when one zone is satisfied and another zone is still requiring heat no bleed through will occur, causing the satisfied zone to overheat.

Radaint Floor Heating Toronto Stelrads and Runtal Rads
These are modern style rads; usually these rads mount to a wall. They come in many shapes and styles. (Towel rads are quite popular for bathrooms) they have models that are compatible with almost all forms of radiation.
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