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Snow & Ice Melting

Our preference is to use Rehau Radiant tubing. We can repair and service other pex tubing, such as Wirsbo, Watts, Kitec, Vangaurd, Heat Link, Plasco and Onix.

Radaint Floor Heating Toronto Convenience, Safety and Reliability

Snow and ice melting systems are hydronic systems designed to facilitate the removal of snow and ice by circulating a heat transfer solution (usually antifreeze and water) through RAUPEX® pipe. With proper design and installation, Our systems provide long-term performance and reliability. In addition to the safety benefits, snow and ice melting systems can reduce indoor maintenance costs (no salt or water tracked inside), eliminate the costs of snow removal, reduce liability exposure, as well as provide unmatched convenience.

Radaint Floor Heating Toronto Imagine never having to shovel snow again. The same snow and ice melting systems that keep hospital entrances clear of snow and ice can do the same for your driveway and sidewalk. They're configured much like our radiant floor heating systems except that they're installed underneath driveways, sidewalks, patios and carports.

We use Tekmar controls to automatically operate snow and ice melting systems. The Tekmar Snow / Ice Sensor 090 and Snow/Ice Sensor Socket 091 are used with tekmar controls 665, 667, and 664 to automatically detect snow or ice on a driveway or walkway.

Radaint Floor Heating Toronto Our systems install underneath virtually any type of surface - concrete, asphalt, or under pavement (sand or crushed stone). Snow and ice melt systems can be installed in a wide variety of applications, or any surface, residential or commercial, that should be clear of snow and ice buildup.
  • Driveways
  • Hospital entrances
  • Parking garage ramps
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Parking lots
  • Sidewalks and steps
  • Helicopter landing pads
  • Roadways
  • Car washes
  • Hot tub/pool surrounds
  • Runways

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